Interlocking Stone DrivewaysIf you can imagine it, we can build it


Interlocking Stone Driveways

Mention interlocking stone driveways in Whistler and most people in the trade know about the ones Mike Tyler has built. This is where it all started, out there on the driveway trying to pull together intricate designs that say: 'Something is really special about this house.' Just as important - driveways that stay where they're put.

If you can imagine it, Mike and his team can design and build it.


Why Interlocking Stone?

Interlocking paving increases your property's curb appeal. It comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but by far their primary functional appeal is in their durability. Interlocking brick pavers can be lifted out individually to replace somehow defective, worn or damaged pieces. Interlocking brick pavers are structurally superior to almost any form of paving material. Studies have proven out that a driveway or road composed of this product will outlast competing road surfaces by a factor of 1:3 over a 20 year period.


Plain and Simple

Pavingstones mixed with a few stone details can give the outside of your house a great facelift on any scale. A small back patio and fireplace can give you new outdoor living space or a interlock driveway and rock garden can create a whole new look for the front.


Swirling Circles

Driveway patterns can cover a great range of effects to the front of a house. They can be anything from highly detailed coloured mosaics, to more subtle monotone colour patterns, like the circles to create a unique look for a custom home.


Environment Sensitive

With their potential lifespan and repiarability, this type of driveway makes a great environmentally sensitive solution to your home in the natural beauty of the BC mountains.