Landscape Water Features Mountain Terrain is Our Forté


Tyler Landscape Water Features

Nothing brings on the creative juices like being part of the designing and building of mountain landscape water features. Mike Tyler creations can be found throughout the Whistler area, including our latest - a Live Swimming Pool, which is chemical free, eco-friendly, low maintenance, and an alternative to a chlorine pool. Our Live Swimming Pool video features a pool that simulates a real lake.

Visually Featured - another of our projects completed in June 2015.

water feature image

Tyler Designed and Built Landscape Water Features

Whether it’s something as simple as a weeping rock or a waterfall, perhaps a stream system, Mike Tyler designed and built water landscape features add a pleasing dimension to any mountain landscape design. Water features bring sounds and movement into your living environment. From long streams, to waterfalls, Mike has the practical experience in the Whistler area to tackle the toughest terrain, designing and constructing features that look natural and fit the setting. Each project starts with a detailed plan, which reflects your taste and imagination, while being practical and affordable. We have the experience, and would look forward to discussing your project.